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  • Friday Face/Off: Former Child Stars

    Child actors, eh? They’re fine – a little creepy, perhaps, but fine. The trouble comes when they stop being child actors – some fade quietly into the undergrowth and a few go on to glittering careers as real actors, but many others fall by the wayside, unable to survive the transition to adult actorhood. Maybe they just shouldn’t try? John and Florence duke it out…

  • The Beaver

    The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster and starring Mel “WHOOPS” Gibson, is a strange little film, as two-faced as its depressed protagonist. Lurching oddly between po-faced dark comedy and lets-hug-it-out family fare, it ends up being a rather patchwork tale that’s never quite as touching or as funny as it should be. But, on the bright side, who knew Gibson could do such a great Ray Winstone impression?

  • Top 10 Sociopathic Film Villains

    The release of 13 Assassins has brought with it the most petrifying and believable villain that has graced our cinema screens in a long time. Now that we have returned to creating characters that will keep you awake at night it is time to lament the passing of some of the most reprehensible humans ever brought to life.

  • Is Mel Gibson indestructible?

    Sure he’s a sexist, an anti-semite and possibly a violent and deranged tool-belt, but heck, it’s Mel Gibson! – This seems to be the message American audiences are sending to Hollywood, as a new survey reveals that most people wouldn’t change their viewing habits based on Gibson’s past behaviour.