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  • Friday Face/Off: Judd Apatow

    It’s Friday, the week is taking its trousers off, and humans worldwide are searching desperately for a reason to get drunk and lairy. Well we’ve got one. Judd Apatow: comedy messiah, or deadbead one-noter? Two of our writers stop talking in nice voices, and instead start throwing their words about like syllable-based rocks. Whose side are you on?

  • Bridesmaids

    Managing to be refreshing yet wearyingly familiar at the same time, Bridesmaids is your typical Apatow fodder: funny, crude, jolly and entirely disposable, only this time it’s with WOMEN WOMEN BLOOMIN WELL WOMEN.

  • She’s Out Of My League

    Jim Field Smith’s effervescent romantic comedy strikes a chord with insecure types everywhere, centring on a lovable airport security guard, whose low self-esteem almost wrecks the best relationship he might ever have. It’s a shame that this formula has been done to death by Judd Apatow and crew, as this is a comedy that has great potential, but is let down by the plot-by-numbers.

  • Conchords Creator To Direct Muppet Movie

    James Bobin, the co-creator of the brilliant Flight of the Conchords, has revealed that he intends to direct the new Muppets movie for Disney. And we think that’s brilliant. Details are being kept secret, but the writer has been confirmed as Jason Segel of Forgetting Sarah Marshal. A combination of Bret and Germaine, Russell Brand and Fozzie Bear? Finally a film we actually want to see!