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  • Top Ten Oscar Moments

    With the Oscars almost upon us once again, we at Best For Film thought that we might profit from a review of some of the highlights said gushing award ceremony has provided us with over the years. For the sake of variety, this laudable list shall include both the famous and the infamous, the highs and the lows, the sugar and the bitters. Such a cocktail should be swirled in the mouth like the metaphorical marbles of Sir Laurence Olivier’s plumy tones, or alternatively expelled in disgust like a Michael Moore acceptance speech. The choice, our BFF Academy, is yours.

  • Cosmopolis

    Despite the big names on screen and behind the camera, Cosmopolis is the most niche film of 2012; emotionally frigid, wilfully obtuse and very, very talky. But it’s a delicacy, not a feast, and catching it in the right mood could leave you with one of the year’s more rewarding cinema experiences.

  • World Cinema: A Rant

    Seasoned blogger and Best For Film freelancer Cal has a bone to pick with the sprawling industry which promotes and distributes film in the English-speaking world – namely, why is it so gosh-darned xenophobic? For too long has the huge variety of superb cinema produced in countries bereft of words like ‘bling’ and ‘slanket’ been lumped into one big unholy mélange of untrustworthy foreign muck under the euphemistic non-genre of ‘World Cinema’. Well, no longer! We’re standing up and saying NO to a system which thinks L’Illusionniste belongs alongside Emmanuelle.

  • Certified Copy

    Certified Copy is a cautionary tale to every filmmaker who aspires to be considered artsy and deep, a maker of striking and thought-provoking cinema. Its lesson? Make sure you’ve actually got something to say – unconventional camera angles are all very well, but they don’t fill an hour and a half. One can only spend so long admiring Juliette Binoche’s cheekbones.

  • Tom Hanks To Remake Summer House

    If there’s one word we’re definitely not getting sick of, it’s ‘re-make’. Tom Hanks seems to have jumped upon the band wagon, having announced today that his company PlayTone Productions plans to remake a french film entitled Summer Hours. And the best part? The film only came out in 2008. What’s next? We wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow there’s an announcement telling us there’s planned re-make of Burton’s Alice In Wonderland underway.