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  • Sarah’s Key

    Based on the much-loved novel by Tatiana de Rosnay, Sarah’s Key is a French drama that swings between 1940s Paris and the modern day to weave the tale of a young Jewish girl persecuted in the Vel’ d’Hiv, and the woman who finds herself obsessed with her story.

  • Films to see in August 2011

    So after a wet and blustery June and a less than tropical July, it looks like August is going to be no better. So, rather than delay the inevitable, best face facts now: that barbeque is staying in the shed, you’re not going to get a chance to wear that bikini and picnic food tastes rubbish when it’s covered in rain. However, last time we checked cinemas are all rain free! Huzzah! Here’s your pick of what’s to come next month!

  • Leaving

    Is it worse to feel too little, or too much? Leaving, by Catherine Corsini gives us a sharp, tight insight into a life turned upside-down by love, and unflinchingly explores what we are willing to sacrifice for our own happiness. It’s grubby, sweaty, undignified and often difficult to watch, but thanks to excellent direction and gorgeous performances all round this film manages to breathe a cool grace into its hot and sticky material.

  • Nowhere Boy

    Directed by conceptual artist Sam Taylor-Wood, whose previous interest in celebrity included a video portrait of David Beckham sleeping, Nowhere Boy is a biopic of John Lennon’s early life. Focusing on his pre-Beatles stardom, the film charts the complex relationship between the legendary man himself (played by Aaron Johnson), his staid and respectable Aunt Mimi (Kristen Scott-Thomas) and his free-spirited mother Julia (Anne-Marie Duff).

  • Easy Virtue

    You wouldn’t think pleasant comedic romps through the English countryside and Jessica Biel would go together, but somehow in this instance they do. Biel shines with charm and charisma, and Kristin Scott Thomas and Colin Firth are equally strong in supporting roles. Easy Virtue, as the title suggests, is a great night’s easy entertainment, a little gem of a comedy that you’re sure to enjoy more than you expected.