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  • Friday Drinking Game #43: Buddy Cop Movies

    To celebrate the release of the surprisingly lark-worthy 21 Jump Street, we’ve decided to spend the evening getting drunk to the best ever supremely awful protectors of citizens world-wide. Grab yourself a beer, Bad Boys 2 and someone you despise (but will come to depend on) – there are cannons en-route, and boy are they ever loose.

  • Parked

    This glum tale of homelessness and drug addiction in Dublin features strong performances from its leads, but is let down by an overbearing soundtrack and a predictably worthy storyline. Also, clock metaphors, clock metaphors everywhere I turn!

  • Top 10 Best and Worst Cross-Species Pairings

    The recent release of Super 8, in which [SPOILER] Joe Lamb and his little girlfriend Alice form a psychic connection with a magnetic extra-terrestrial, got me thinking about the film industry’s love of bizarre inter-species pairings. So here are some unexpectedly harmonious affinities, and some that should have banished multi-species experimentation to the top shelf.

  • Cowboys & Aliens

    Cowboys. Aliens. Bond. Han. Indy, for that matter. The guy who made Iron Man. The guy who made Iron Man 2. (They’re the same guy, FYI.) COWBOYS. ALIENS. If this film were a razor, it would have twelve blades, an Unobtanium handle, a cloaking device and an attachment which provoked shuddering orgasm in every woman within two miles. For a frantic, unashamed wet dream of a film, it’s quite watchable.

  • Movies that define a city: America

    You might not have been there, you might be going soon- either way, here at Best For Film we thought we would compile the best and most iconic movies from four of the biggest cities in the USA. Whether they are stuffed full of landmarks, encapsulate a generation or an era, or are just plain bonkers and made us laugh, read on to discover the best few films to watch if you love New York, LA, San Francisco or Chicago