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  • Lore

    This intense WW2 coming-of-age drama presents the events following the tracking down of the perpetrators of the Holocaust – through the eyes of a staunch Hitler Youth attendee. Utterly relentless and endlessly affecting, Lore is an absolute must-see…

  • Flight

    After United 93, Snakes on a Plane, Red Eye and Final Destination, I thought I’d survived the worst airplane disaster movies (despite my fear of flying). That was until Flight came along, loosely based on Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which crashed in the year 2000 killing 89 people, and inspired a whole new level of plane-related fear. Plunging the viewer into the ground at a few hundred miles per hour should be enough to raise the heart rate, but it is Denzel Washington’s story of alcohol addiction that is the most powerful.

  • 5 Broken Cameras

    Never mind Zero Dark Thirty, 5 Broken Cameras is the closest we’ve ever been to conflict, and it’s a staggeringly powerful piece of filmmaking. Despite being one-sided, there’s little to dispute in a film depicting such extreme injustice for Palestinian people. This is a great cinematic achievement, and its Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature shows it have been given international acclaim. Here’s to history in the making.

  • Oscars 2013: the nominations

    It’s happening right now! Our haphazardly maintained Oscars liveblog is bringing you all the news on this year’s nominations, as it happens. Just refresh for the latest info… and if you don’t like the results then remember that Shame got no nominations last year and Transformers: Dark of the Moon got 3. It’s all nonsense, but it’s exciting nonsense.