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  • Sex and the City: DVD Review

    Whatever happened to SatC’s spark? The programme’s USP was originally its progressive approach to modern women with modern sex lives, but at what point did someone think that ‘Cynthia Nixon getting them out’ constituted a sociosexual statement?

  • Sex And The City 2

    Sex And The City 2 has been lauded as a slight on feminism, a betrayal of a TV series that inspired a generation of women, and a diamond-encrusted step backwards for independent ladies everywhere. But it seems that the negative press has failed to affect box office power. What’s the story here, then?

  • Did You Hear About The Morgans? : DVD Review

    In these troubling times of global warming, financial crises and that nice Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, it’s comforting to know that one man alone remains staid and unchangeable: Hugh Grant. Yes, he’s pretty much played the same character for the past 20 years, but goddammit, the man does it well. His latest frothy outing with toast-of-New-York Sarah Jessica Parker is no exception – this time, a posh man is heading into the wilds of the American midwest after he and his estranged wife witness a murder.

  • Sex And The City prequel?

    Surely not, right? Surely, Sarah Jessica, Kim Catrall et all will finally let their poor, chemical-stuffed bodies rest, freed from the wearying torment of skyscraper heels and botox nightmares. If SATC 2 has taught us anything, its that there’s nothing else these women can give. Or is it?

  • Sex And City 3?

    Kim Catrall has got Sex and The City fans all a-flutter once again today by hinting that there may well be a third movie. The trailer for the second film was released last week (and you can view it here), and with all the hype surrounding it there’s probably never been a better to stir up some rumours. That cunning minx.

  • Sex and the City 2 trailer hits the web

    As Sarah Jessica Parker and co prepare themselves for a return to the silver screen this summer, Universal have kindly gone and released a brand-spanking new Sex and the City 2 trailer. Following on from 2008’s massively successful Sex and the City, this summer’s most anticipated must-see chick flick sees the continuation of the fab foursome’s New York escapades.

  • Emma Watson Worth Her Weight In Gold

    …well, dollars at least. It has been announced today that the 19-year-old Harry Potter starlett has this year earned $19 million, making her the highest paid actress of 2009. She beat out the likes of Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie, as well as being the youngest person on Varietys best paid list at number 14.