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  • TGIM! The Rooftop Film Club returns

    At Best For Film Towers we’re not generally keen on sunshine – it highlights all the dark circles from late nights spent watching Troll 2 and Last Action Hero, not to mention the wine stains where you missed your mouth in a pitch black cinema – but if summer has one thing to offer us, it’s the matchless Rooftop Film Club. And as of this week, it’s back!

  • TGIM! Sundance London

    “Oh no, it’s Monday and the rain’s come tumbling down and not even Russell Crowe in his big new boat can save me from drowning in April malaise and literal water.” Button your lip, nay-sayer! Robert Redford just rode into town with a holster full of Sundance; there’s never been a better reason to pull on an anorak and brave the storm. Thank God it’s Monday!

  • TGIM! Ken Loach Q&A on ‘The Save the Children Fund Film’

    More than forty years ago, radical director Ken Loach was hired to produce a documentary about the work of Save the Children. Last year it was shown publicly for the first time after a decades-long suppression campaign orchestrated by the charity itself. And this Thursday you can not only see it but hear the man himself discuss it. In Peckham. Thank God it’s Monday, eh?

  • TGIM! Night of the Black Mass Allnighter

    Easter is fast approaching; it’s a celebration of Spring, of new life, of chocolate eggs and anthropomorphic bunny rabbits. And JESUS! So how better to celebrate this time of the year than with a night of Satanic spawn and devilish decadence. Wait… what? Never mind. TGIM!

  • TGIM! The Tricycle Goes Nuclear Film Festival

    Monday morning and already sick of the week? Sitting rigid in your cubicle/ coffin making money for an employer who hates you? Staring dead-eyed into the coldness of the computer screen willing the date on the calender forward towards the next opportunity to drink yourself into a blackout? Well here’s something to cheer you up: NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE!

  • TGIM! The Festival Of Dangerous Ideas

    Another week? Really? Don’t worry, at some point you’ll die and all this will come to a welcome end, but until then it’s Monday and there’s nothing we can do about it. Still, there are always marvellous things going on, and it’s OUR JOB to raise your spirits with them. Set your anticipation guns from stun to kill; it’s time for the Rich Mix’s Festival Of Dangerous Ideas.

  • TGIM! International Film Season at the Tricycle Theatre

    It’s Monday, it’s wet and virtually nobody apart from Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin have anything to be cheery about. Right? WRONG. This week you should be heading straight to London NW6, where sunshine and rainbows surround the Tricycle Theatre and its superb International Film Season. Thank God It’s Monday!

  • TGIM! Glasgow Film Festival

    Here we are again, eh? Another start to another week in another month that will go on and on until one of those predictions we’ve heard about end up being true and we all get cast into the fiery depths. Which, frankly, will be a nice change. Anyway, The Glasgow Film Festival is on! That’s something to raise your kilt about!

  • TGIM! London Comedy Film Festival at the BFI

    Monday is no laughing matter. You know what is? Comedy. So though we can’t promise you’ll never have to sit through another Monday (a more ominous promise was never offered), we can at least swear that with this healthy grin-fest, there’s nothing Monday can do to thwart your good mood. TGIM!