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  • TGIM: Made In 3 Mills Film Festival

    While the London Film Festival is getting under-way elsewhere in the capital, there’s a much more intimate celebration of film occurring elsewhere. Hidden away in the depths of East London is the 3 Mills film studio, which has become something of a home-from-home for stop-motion animation, and has attracted its share of big live action film-makers too, in recent years. They’re hosting a four-day event to celebrate their output.

  • TGIM! Safar Arab Cinema Festival

    It’s Monday and it’s raining. It’s a fair bet you’re not going to be popping over to Kew Gardens anytime soon so why not take this opportunity to educate yourself on the undiscovered terrains of Arabic cinema? There will be discussions and screenings galore and a daring selection of Arabic film to cut your cinematic tooth on. Thank God it’s Monday!

  • TGIM! Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival

    Now that Film4’s Frightfest has been and gone, leaving gory red stains of blood and viscera all over London (pity the poor street-cleaners), there’s a somewhat tamer festival of all things film for the capital to embrace. Called the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival, it does exactly what it says on the tin, exactly where it says on the tin. The festival has a diverse roster of films and events, all of which are wonderfully free.

  • TGIM! Bond exhibition at the Barbican

    So, who’s already too hot? Air-conditioned museums looking like a better and better option? Yeah, us too – add in some gin, and we’re THERE. Therefore, this TGIM is our request that you run along to the 007 exhibition at the Barbican before the Olympics start and the place is riddled with bemused Japanese tourists asking you to hold their Union Jack bumbags and take photos of them with every cracked floor tile they come across.

  • TGIM! Rushes Soho Shorts Festival

    So it’s Monday. There’s not much in the way of any difference from last Monday, EXCEPT that this week, in a summer positively riddled with film festivals, kicking off in London is the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival! Coming from top-notch post-production company Rushes, the festival runs from 11 – 20 July, celebrating its 14th year.

  • TGIM! The Edinburgh International Film Festival is back

    Pixar isn’t the only cinematic institution to be pulling on the tartan this summer – the Edinburgh International Film Festival is in full swing once again, and if you want even the slightest chance of catching the best films (read: the ones we like the look of) then you’ve got no business reading any blog but this one. Thank God it’s Monday, eh?

  • TGIM! Secret Cinema returns

    After a distressingly long absence from our – well, not our screens exactly, but our derelict warehouses – Secret Cinema is back with its biggest every event, running for a full month here in London. And it starts this week. Thank God it’s Monday!

  • TGIM! The UK Green Film Festival

    Another thick, beige parade of weekdays stands before you, threatening you with the kind of crippling boredom only bestest by anything written by Nicholas Sparks or facts about golf. THANK GOODNESS THEN that Best For Film is committed to making sure you don’t have a truly awful life. Thank God It’s Monday proudly presents your guide to this weekend’s UK Green Film Festival!