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  • Vampires Suck

    Vampires Suck is a Twilight parody that’s vibrant on the outside and dessicated (sucked dry, indeed) on the inside. However, even a spoof movie as weak as this one does have some surprisingly redeeming features that are almost worth the price of a cinema ticket…

  • Halloween Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2010

    14-17 Oct. Whattaya gonna do? Hang around wishing it was Halloween already – or gather your entourage of scary film freaks and descend on a Hammer Horror film festival in Whitby, Dracula’s spiritual home? Revel in Victoriana, gloomy windswept seas, vampire masquerade balls and tea houses galore as this pretty coastal town is taken over by horror films for one pre-Halloween weekend only.

  • No horror for Moretz

    All parents have a list of films they don’t want their children to see. Mother and Father would rather not put up with the aftermath; nightmares and potential bed-wetting. But get over it Ma and Pa, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Note to Chloe Moretz’s mum, if your precious child is hard enough to play a killer vampire, a bit of horror ain’t gonna hurt. So unchain the telly, if you please.

  • Twilight fans take note! Meyer reveals new book

    Stephenie Meyer, author of the multi-million selling Twilight series, has undoubtedly induced a chorus of global teenage whooping with the announcement that she is to release another book – for free. However, the book is not a sequel to any of the preceding books in the series; it is a mere novella spin off.