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  • Friday Drinking Game #1 – Period Films

    TGIF!!! In celebration of the week’s natural end, we’ve decided to make this day all about the alcohol. We’ve got the drunken, ill-informed Friday Face/Off, and now we’ve got our Friday drinking game. Grab some friends (or do it on your own, if you feel so inclined), get the Lambrini lined up, and consider yourself sozzled.

  • Decision Before Dawn

    A unique take on a World War II film, Decision Before Dawn charts two Germans as they become double agents for the American army. With a realistic location, fine performances, and the natural tension that accompanies any spy plot, this war drama is well worth a viewing.

  • Client 9

    Client Nine is ostensibly a factual documentary about the fall of New York governor Elliot Spitzer, a married democrat who was found in 2008 to have seen prostitutes over a two year period. However, director and producer Alex Gibney expands his feature beyond the sex scandal, investigating the Republican enemies that Spitzer made in his tireless persecution of the money men on Wall Street, and whether a man that stood for so much should be brought down over something so (relatively) little.

  • Foreign films that should’ve stayed foreign

    It’s all too easy, with a little bit of education in the matter of the movies, to become a film snob. An art house film here, a B-movie there, and suddenly you find yourself sneering at the current box office offerings, and assuming a taste for obscure Hong Kong horror shorts. Maybe you start wearing ironic, postmodern t-shirts, like Che Guevara wielding a light sabre. And oh, how you hate it when the soul sucking devils over in Hollywood-town remake one of your classics, the one you’ve seen nearly one and a half times!

  • Cheat Sheet: Aaron Eckhart

    This week’s cheat sheet features everyone’s favourite Ken doll, Aaron Eckhart. Somewhat passed over in Hollywood, performances in The Dark Knight and Thank You for Smoking, along with a jawline that rivals Sophie Ellis-Bextor, have ensured him a spot in the Best for Film fan club.