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  • Priest

    The man behind Legion is teaming up with surprise action hero Paul Bettany once again to deliver a mad, futuristic, post-apocalyptic vampire kind of affair that is truly as ridiculous as that sounds.

  • Top 10 Kick-ass Little Girls

    Since little Saoirse Ronan has come out all freckled and hard as nails in Hanna, it got us thinking about other kick-ass girl tweens that could give Bruce lee a good hiding. You don’t want to mess with any of these chicks. Not that you would. They’re not even real, man.

  • Friday Drinking Game #9 – The Lord Of The Rings

    Guess what?! Seven days have gone by since your last film related paralytic coma and now it’s time for another! Yay! If you haven’t quite recovered yet don’t worry, there’s nothing like the old hair of the dog to make your liver go numb and completely forget it’s working overtime to try and fix the damage you did to it one week ago. Sit back bottle in hand (don’t bother finding a glass, you won’t be needing it) enjoy a good ol’ flick, then lose any memory of ever watching it.