Articles Posted in the " Sci-Fi " Category

  • Murder By Decree

    The unsolved mystery regarding the identity of Jack the Ripper has plagued mankind for decades. You know who might have stood a shot at solving it? Sherlock Holmes. Cue ‘Murder By Decree’, which tosses the famous detective into the fray and gives us an elementary solution to the unsolvable murders…

  • ID: A

    All the hallmarks of a good thriller are here, but ID: A lacks the originality (and a good title) to stick in the memory. The leading lady’s a joy to watch though, and not just because she’s cute… which she most definitely is.

  • Shadow of the Sword

    Cliched performances, shallow characters and a patchy narrative. Still, it involves medieval torture and the Spanish Inquisition, so there’s at least something to see here.

  • John Carter

    Taylor Kitsch bounces around a not-so-distant planet as one of the most ordinarily-named sci-fi heroes ever. It’s a fun film, but it probably would’ve done better on its opening weekend with a more revealing title, like ‘The Martian Messiah,’ or something.

  • The Sniper

    It’s a sniper showdown! Except that the characters are so one-dimensional that they may as well be shooting cardboard cut-outs at a shooting range.

  • Love on a Pillow

    Interesting more as a window onto 60’s Paris and the spectacle that was Brigitte Bardot than as a piece of film, Love on a Pillow is unlikely to appeal to many who are just hoping for a decent movie.

  • Special Forces

    Eventually Special Forces turns into a damn good survival thriller set in a beautifully captured Middle Eastern landscape. It’s just a shame you have to sit through an hour of numb, generic action to get there.

  • X: Night Of Vengeance

    Ever wondered what it would feel like to be told after the event that your lap-dancer has crabs? Wonder no more – this exploitation thriller come ho-mance will take you through it step by sordid step.

  • La Grande Illusion

    StudioCanal are re-releasing Jean Renoir’s finest hour back into cinemas, in honour of it’s 75th birthday. Do yourself a huge favour and go; this comic gem is as relevant as it’s ever been.