Diaz, Paltrow and Witherspoon sign up for Ryan Murphy’s musical comedy

You either know you Ryan Murphy is, or know who Ryan Murphy is and don’t realise it. The creator of the staggeringly successful Glee, and currently busy directing a drama entitled The Normal Heart starring Julia Roberts and Alec Baldwin – it’s fair to say that he’s a man with a fair amount of clout in Hollywood today. Sony seem to agree, having picked up his new project; a new musical comedy entitled One Hit Wonders. And by the sound of it, they’re not the only ones on board…

Though nothing has been confirmed, there are some fairly big names floating around the project, including Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce and Andy Samberg. The idea is that a few failed pop-stars (the three leading ladies) get together to re-invent their image, forming a band that will take on the modern music scene. Gwyneth is no stranger to playing a pop-flop, having been more than passable in the otherwise shaky Country Strong , never mind racking up a few Glee appearances herself. Cameron Diaz did that horrendous bit of singing in the totally awful The Sweetest Thing, and as for Reese Witherspoon, she sang her wee country heart out in Walk The Line, and our lives were all the better for it. The the end of the day, all three women have pretty strong comedy cords, and it sounds like that will be what’s most important. And let’s be honest, Lea Michele will probably turn up at some point if it’s looking a bit ropey.

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