Elijah Wood commits to The Hobbit

We did tell you that it wouldn’t stop with Galadriel. Just a month after we revealed that Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom were apparently reprising their Lord of the Rings roles in two-part prequel The Hobbit, the oddest rumour of all has been confirmed – Elijah Wood will be flying in the face of narrative causality by once again pulling on his furry flesh-socks to play Frodo Baggins.

Rumour has it that Frodo will bookend the film by reading ‘There and Back Again; A Hobbit’s Tale’, Bilbo Baggins’ account of his adventures – think Peter Falk’s scenes in The Princess Bride – although no mention has been made of how this will square with the original film, which clearly shows Bilbo finishing his book only hours before Frodo departs from the Shire forever. Maybe he got it on Kindle for all those hours spent lying awake fretting about the One Ring? We’re deeply suspicious of all this tomfoolery…

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