New Toy Story 3 Characters And Teaser Revealed

Oh those crafty Disney devils. Just like those wily coots over at team Alice In Wonderland, they think the best way to hype up a film is by releasing little bits of info, week by week. They reckon that the public are so bamboozled by the whole ‘we’re letting you into a secret’ smokescreen, that we’ll literally murder a puppy to see the film itself. Sick, is what it is. Sick. And completely true. Hurrah for teasers!

Team Toy Story 3 have today released not only a wee teaser trailer to whet our already pretty moistened appetites, but have also released pictures of two new Toy Story characters that appear in the film. Are you ready? Let the shamelessly powerful marketing commence!

These two jolly looking characters, Ken and Peas In A Pod, are among the characters Buzz, Woody et al meet upon entering their new home; a day care centre. The question is, will they ever be able to get out?


Check back soon for more Toy Story teasers, July just can’t come fast enough!

Excited about Toy Story? Reckon it will match 1 and 2? Let us know below!

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