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  • Monday Face/Off – Nicole Kidman

    For our fourth Monday Face/Off, we at BFF Towers have decided to mark imminent release of Stoker with a titanic battle over the worth of Australian Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. In the film, Tom Cruise’s ex plays the unstable mother of India (not the nation), whose father has just passed away, and his mysterious brother comes to move in with them. Tagged: DO NOT DISTURB THE FAMILY, we shall determine whether dearest Nicole is disturbingly good or simply disturbing. In the pro camp stands Ray, ready to defend NK’s honour: in the anti-camp stands Carlotta, sharpening her knives in anticipation of a slaughter. Let the butchery begin!

  • Orange(Wednesday)s and Lemons #100 – CENTENARY EDITION

    We know ‘centenary’ doesn’t just mean ‘hundredth’, but have you ever stretched out a single, citrussy idea into more than two years of blogs? Have you bollocks. As Best For Film’s least SEO-friendly feature ever celebrates its arrival into triple digits, we’ve rounded up a rogues’ gallery of our best and brightest writers to bring you simply the best ever low-down of the week’s movies. OWLs forever!

  • Top 10 Clone Films

    With news from Harvard that we may soon be cloning an authentic Neanderthal (if the scientists can find ‘an enthusiastic female’ to impregnate), we got to thinking about films that have featured clones over the years. The list below should be a top ten, but has become a Top 10 + 2, presumably because a process of cloning clone films and unintentionally breeding new ones has also been occurring without our knowledge. Either way, here is our top 10 (+2) clone films. Enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy….

  • Lincoln

    Steven Spielberg’s foray into the well-trodden political battlefield of the Civil War and President Lincoln’s fight to pass a bill against slavery is a predictable candidate for the Oscars, but nonetheless has many exceptional performances to applaud. Daniel Day-Lewis in particular, proves himself to be an excellent President, and makes this worthy (if turgid) drama stand out from the crowd.

  • Oscars 2013: the nominations

    It’s happening right now! Our haphazardly maintained Oscars liveblog is bringing you all the news on this year’s nominations, as it happens. Just refresh for the latest info… and if you don’t like the results then remember that Shame got no nominations last year and Transformers: Dark of the Moon got 3. It’s all nonsense, but it’s exciting nonsense.