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  • Shrek Forever After revives UK Box Office

    It’s been a summer drought which has left film-lusters like us weeping into our Back To The Future comfort blankies. For a whole month, no opening film has grossed more than £4 million. This has been due to a number of things; the World Cup, the glorious un-British sunshine, as well as because, well, the films out at the moment are a bit crud. But it looks like Shrek 4 has changed all that.

  • Iron Man 2 takes box office

    Despite fairly average reviews, it looks like Iron Man 2 is worth its weight in gold. Iron gold. Yeah. In its opening weekend, the superhero sequel took $133.6m – the fifth highest take ever – during its opening weekend, easily trumping the first flick’s opeing takings of $98m.

  • Top movies this week

    According to the US box office Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon still has plenty of bite, as it’s nabbed the top spot with $20 million this weekend. Just below that – and to our disappointment – Kick-Ass’s opening weekend has been rather lack-luster, cashing in just $19.75 million, despite brilliant reviews across the board and the promise of a 11year old assassin. Seriously, what more can film-goers want?

  • Sundance 2010 Winners Announced!

    If you’re hankering for a peek at the next big box office successes, look no further than the list below! Stay ahead of the curve, impress your friends and relatives and generally act all smug at knowing the next big hits based on the Sundance Film Festival prizewinners this year.