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  • Jackpot

    The director of this Jo Nesbø adaptation is an honours graduate from the Quentin Tarantino School of Film-Making and the plot is as riddled with holes as some of its victims; but the humour is absolutely spot-on and the acting superb, so we’re prepared to suspend our disbelief just long enough to tolerate all the severed fingers in the Cheesy Puffs and the gratuitous use of that nail gun. Plus it’s in Norwegian and subtitles make us feel smug.

  • Neon Flesh

    A Tarantino-style Spanish romp which veers wildly between harrowing violence and hilarious gutter-humour, Neon Flesh is by no means a comfortable viewing experience. With a shining cast and a cracking soundtrack, this totally classless 100-minute bloodbath, against the odds, manages to strike just the right note; Neon Flesh is an unusual portrayal of poverty, parenthood and perversion that affects you far more by the end than you thought it would in the beginning.

  • Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks #1 – Death Proof

    Welcome to Best For Film’s newest and best feature! To give you a chance to get to know our bucking and whinnying stable of writers, we’ll be running irregular BFFFF (that’s Best For Film’s Favourite Flicks) blogs so individual scribblers can pop their heads up above the parapet of Best For Film Towers and lay their hearts bare. This week it’s newbie Christine Strouts and her choice – Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof.