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  • Buried

    You might not be tempted by Buried – after all, it’s by a director you’ve never heard of and it stars an actor best known for playing vapid romantic interests or unnecessarily violent supervillains. We’d more or less written Ryan Reynolds off too, but in this extraordinary film he demonstrates a range and talent which left us gasping for breath. A bit like him, because he’s been buried alive.

  • Jon Tenney is Green Lantern’s Dad

    The casting news for the upcoming DC Comics Green Lantern film continues to come thick and fast. Ryan Reynolds may be playing Green Lantern Hal Jordan, but who – you cry – is playing Hal Jordan’s dad?? Well worry no longer Lantern fans – Jon Tenney, star of US Cop drama The Closer is now confirmed as playing Martin H Jordan.

  • No Sinestro for Green Lantern Movie?

    Green Lantern villain announced! It’s Hector Hammond, played by Jarhead actor Peter Sarsgaard. Mutated by a strange meteorite into a mute telepathic psycho with a massive head, Hammond is set to encounter Ryan Reynold’s Hal Jordan when filming begins this March.

  • Sandra Bullock Wins One for Womankind

    She might have been languishing in B-grade obscurity of late, but believe it or not, Sandra Bullock’s latest movie has become the highest-grossing female-led film in US box office history. The Blind Side, a drama about a family that adopts an impoverished yet talented football player, has taken $208.5 million since November despite so far only being released domestically.

  • The Proposal

    There was once a time when Sandra Bullock reigned supreme over the romantic comedy, but that time, as this film demonstrates, is well and truly over. This new ridiculous outing sees Bullock’s pushy book editor force her put-upon assistant to marry her to avoid deportation, and naturally (yet inexplicably) romance ensues. Even if you can put aside the formulaic stupidity, the chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock is about as poor as it gets. One to avoid unless you’re desperate.