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  • Christmas gift guide for film fans

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. and there are a lot of great film gifts out there, from budget DVDs to some exciting box sets. Movie fans will be in a winter wonderland with this wishlist to Santa. We have scoured the web for the best sites to pick up some real Christmas crackers. Read on for more awful festive puns!

  • Is George Lucas readying a third trilogy?

    He’s forced Jar Jar Binks into our collective consciousness, replaced Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christiansen (on film, but never in our hearts) and tried to convince the world that Greedo shot first. Surely there’s nothing more George Lucas can do to pillage what remains of our treasured-yet-bleeding Star Wars memories. Well, as Jabba The Hutt would say; “ahahaha. Ohohoho”. There’s rumour of ANOTHER trilogy on the way. Just rumours mind. But still. enough to make the heart quake.

  • Robot Chicken Star Wars

    A robot and a chicken go together like… two opposite things stuck painfully together with superglue. The chicken’s all like “cluck” and “I’m eating and stuff, no seriously I am, check me out” and the robot’s all like “I want to make ner-ner-ner robot sounds and take over the world but I can’t because half of me is a chicken”. And then we have Robot Chicken Star Wars. Which is something completely different. Are you ready? Robot… Chicken… Star… Wars. Superglue it to your brain.