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  • The Tourist

    Jolie and Depp pur in good performances in an otherwise by-the-numbers thriller, but the spectacular setting and great cast are unfortunatly unable to save this film from mediocrity.

  • The Tourist trailer online!

    Bringing Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp together in one film was always going to result in one of two things; either their combined beauty power would tear a hole in the universe and we would all get sucked into a horrifying charsima-vortex, or a sex-a-rifficly gorgeous film would get produced. Having seen the trailer, we’re still hoping its the latter.

  • Salt

    Russians, eh? Just when you think there’s no more Hollywood mileage to be had out of their sinister accents and evil shirts, along comes Salt. With a plot straight out of a Cold War thriller, twists that don’t bear any scrutiny whatsoever and set action pieces that have been done countless times before, Salt shouldn’t be that good. So why did I enjoy it so bloody much?

  • Angelina Jolie is Cleopatra

    Marital speculation aside, it’s good to know that Jolie is still as ambitious as ever about her roles. The pouty princess is set to join the likes of Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor, playing Cleopatra in a new movie.