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  • Jolie To Play Maleficent?

    Last week we reported that there’s a new Disney film in the works, a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty from the wicked witch’s POV. There was no name attached to the big bad part of Maleficent at the time, but it could be that the Queen of Hollywood herself, Angelina Jolie, might step up to play the role.

  • Is Jen Ready To Take Brad Back?

    Jennifer Aniston has fueled rumours about her reunion with ex-husband Brad Pitt after telling GMTV that exes “absolutely” can get back together. She added “Sometimes you meet each other at a time in your lives when you’re not necessarily ready. Or you’re not fully formed and have the maturity it takes to be in a relationship.”

  • Brangelina Sue British Press

    After being asked to retract speculation about Brad Pittand Angelina Jolies meeting with a divorce lawyer, The News Of The World has ploughed on with the marriage-break-up story regardless. And now they have to face the wrath of two of the biggest celebrities in the world. We don’t know about them, but we’d be scared.

  • Emma Watson Worth Her Weight In Gold

    …well, dollars at least. It has been announced today that the 19-year-old Harry Potter starlett has this year earned $19 million, making her the highest paid actress of 2009. She beat out the likes of Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie, as well as being the youngest person on Varietys best paid list at number 14.

  • The Tourist Finally Knows Where It’s Going

    Von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others) was drafted to direct new spy-thriller ‘The Tourist’ last year, but ended up leaving because of ‘creative differences’. After a lot of whispers and rumours about his possible re-engagement, he has today confirmed that he’s back at the helm, and plans to start filming this spring.

  • Hollywood Rewrites: How To Make a BritBuster

    We can’t help but notice that Hollywood loves to up the explosion-and-sex factor with Britain’s classic literature. One only needs to look at the bare chest of Robert Downey Jr as the new Sherlock Holmes to see that the silver screen doesn’t mind taking a few liberties. But what other classic-but-uncool tales are Hollywood missing out on? We re-imagine some great British classics the way Spielberg would do ’em…

  • Megan Fox – A Poor Man’s Angelina?

    As our economy spirals into the abyss of recession with no hope of returning to good health any time soon, everyone is cutting their budget.It’s the perfect time for Hollywood directors to start economising too. Not on film quality, but on choice of protagonists. Where they can’t afford the original A-lister, there’s a number of cheaper alternatives for them to choose from.