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  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

    Easy for the title to say. Prepare to be mildly unsettled by Guillermo del Toro’s latest darkened fairytale, featuring our old childhood chums, the toothfairies. Except it seems they’ve up-sized to devouring whole children…

  • Julia’s Eyes

    My eyes, my eyes, what have you done with my eyes?! Well I’m not sure you’ll be saying that but you may want to cover up them up as you lay witness to Guillem Morales’ supernatural horror.

  • Book review! Nightmare Movies: Horror On Screen Since The 1960s

    Nightmare Movies: Horror On Screen Since the 1960s is the third edition in what has come to be regarded as a “true classic of cult film criticism”. Published in 1985, the original Nightmare Movies was an essential guide to contemporary horror, and, twenty years later, the newest edition is just as indispensible for today’s discerning horror enthusiast.