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  • Lovelace

    Since the apparent collapse of Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, the task of introducing a new audience to the world’s most famously capacious throat and the woman who came with it has fallen entirely to Rob Epstein’s Lovelace. Unfortunately, a gorgeous performance from Amanda Seyfried can’t eclipse ninety minutes of hopeless bias and wilful whitewashing.…

  • Top 5 films about porn

    From August 23rd, movie goers will have a chance to see Lovelace, a film about the true story behind one of the most infamous movies ever made: Deep Throat. Starring Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace and Peter Sarsgaard as her husband Chuck Traynor, the film looks like it will be one of the best of the summer and quite likely an awards contender. In anticipation, here is a list of the best movies about the adult film industry.

  • Top 6 Arbitrary Amanda Seyfried Facts

    Film journalists often run through a certain number of preparations before the release of a new film. For any new Michael Bay movie the Caps Lock will be checked and re-checked; before every Katherine Heigl feature critics will hurry out to bathe in acid; and for Christopher Nolan they will bend over and spread their cheeks accordingly. Not so for poor Amanda Seyfried, whose new film Gone opens this week to deafening silence. Probably because there’s not that much to say. Well, except this.

  • News Round-Up Jan 25th-28th

    It’s Saturday morning – you’d planned to get up early and make the most of the day, but instead you hid under the covers until quarter to eleven like a shut-in with a passion for snuggliness. You’re such a failure. But never mind – if you’re not going to experience the world first-hand, you can just catch up on the best of the week’s movie news with our regular round-up!