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  • Top 10 Movie Pregnancies

    So this week saw the news the whole nation has been waiting for, breath bated, hands wrung, and nails bitten. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the hotly anticipated follow-up to our Top 10 Naked Royals in Film blog!! Unfortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to have somewhat stolen our thunder by thoughtlessly going and getting herself pregnant in the same week, the shiny-haired ovarian witch.

  • Cheat Sheet: Dakota Fanning

    This week saw the release of emotional drama Now Is Good, a film adaptation of the popular novel Before I Die, starring Dakota Fanning as a terminal cancer sufferer hellbent on enjoying the life she has left. In honour of the release, we delve beneath the alabaster skin and bright blue eyes to bring you everything you ever wanted to know about the child star turned poised young woman.

  • Top 10 Heckle-Worthy Films

    So you’re drunk. You had one too many at Pizza Express or wherever, and now you’re in the cinema, and you are drunk. And you have FEELINGS. About this film. That you are watching. You may or may not swear at the screen, but whatever you say (you don’t remember in the morning) it is loud. You are swiftly removed from the cinema, and never permitted to return. Dark times. Enter Movie Interruption Screenings.

  • A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

    The third film in the Harold & Kumar franchise is – as expected – a mad, offensive, gross-out, hilarious piece of festive tat, sending up pretty much everything it can get its mucky paws on. It’s perhaps not as funny and boundary-pushing as the first two films, but its soft, creamy centre and winning performances from its leads make it impossible not to enjoy.

  • Monday Mash-Up: Vampires

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 has been in the cinemas for a couple of weeks and is consequently all anyone ever talks/thinks/dreams about. So here at BFF we have prepared a special vampire-themed Monday Mash-Up for you to peruse. Hidden expertly in the image below are several famed filmic vampires (or elements of them). The question is, can you guess them all before the sun comes up and burns/sparkles you to death? Good luck, friend. God be with you.

  • Friday Drinking Game #29 – Twilight

    It’s Twilight biatchessssss! Go grab your favourite girlfriends, a jumbo bag of Maltesers (only 11 calories each!) and twelve thousand bottles of cherry Lambrini because it is time to partaaayyyyyyy! Oh and bring your gun. You should maybe bring a gun as well.