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  • Top 10 things to avoid this summer – as seen in film

    Summer is coming, guys! It really, genuinely is – we’ve seen sunshine and weather reports and everything. But, you know, there’s no point losing your head to the season; in fact, looking at the plethora of summer movies on offer, summer is in fact the DEADLIEST time of year. Ever. So, in a bid to keep all of our loyal BFF patrons alive, here’s the top 10 things to avoid this summer – as seen in the movies…

  • Monday Face/Off – Christopher Walken

    Christopher Walken is back on our screens in A Late Quartet – but then again, when’s he ever off them? After more than fifty years in showbusiness, the man who wisely decided to abandon the name Ronald but not-so-wisely never invested in a wig shows no sign of slowing down. There’s never a bad time to look back at such a chequered career, so we thought we’d just do it on the day Thatcher died to give you some variety.

  • Monday Face/Off – Nicolas Cage

    Winner of an Academy Award, creator of ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ and star of some of your favorite flicks to hate, Nicolas Cage is a man that creates strong reactions. Nowhere is this more true than here at BFF. And so it came to be that upon the eve of his latest release, Stolen, Sarah and Megan were called on as tribute to battle it out for the honor of this enigmatic fellow. For all the blow-by-blow coverage, read on below…

  • Cheat Sheet: Daniel Day-Lewis

    Highly-respected thespian Daniel Day-Lewis is famously known for his extreme method acting, but if you think you’ve got him all figured out, think again. What with Lincoln hitting cinemas this Friday, we thought we’d give the multi-Oscar-nominated actor his very own Cheat Sheet that he can hang up on his wall if he ever finds space amidst all those shiny awards. Turns out, he’s one of the most interesting human beings, literally, ever.

  • Cheat Sheet: Hugh Jackman

    Few actors in Hollywood are hotter than Hugh Jackman is at the moment. He first scorched us back in 2009 when he fronted the Academy Awards, a performance that included one of the most spectacular opening numbers in Oscar history. With his much lauded performance in Les Misérables currently in the cinemas, and Jackman having just bagged a Golden Globe, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet with everything you wanted to know about Hollywood’s leading man.

  • 12 Days of Christmas #2 – BFF’s Top 2 Turtle Doves

    It’s Day Two of our Christmas countdown, and after the improbable success of yesterday’s paean to Ross Partridge we’re combing the length and breadth of Hollywood to find our top two turtle doves. That probably sounds quite easy, particularly if you have a proper job, but actually we don’t know what the fuck a turtle dove is. Is it a bird? Is it a reptile? Is it some sort of brilliant cross-over, living in a sewer? Actually, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Doves would be completely brilliant – if you want us we’ll be working on a pitch.

  • Cheat Sheet: Christopher Walken

    It’s Walken Week here at Best For Film and, to celebrate his upcoming role in Seven Psychopaths, we’re saturating the internet with Christopher Walken news, reviews and booze (look forward to the Friday Drinking Game!) Undeniably brilliant, consistently mesmerising and with an inexplicable intonation, join us as we walk with Walken.