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  • How to win the Jameson Empire’s Done In 60 Seconds Awards: a foolproof guide

    So last night we were lucky and drunk enough to attend the finals of the Jameson Empire’s Done In 60 Second Short Film competition – where short film-makers from around the world compete to distill a Hollywood blockbuster into a 60 second gem. The finalists were announced, the whiskey flowed freely and Chris O’Dowd said “I cum lego” like four times; a great evening was had by all. But how does one go about creating a short-list worthy entry? We were determined to find out.

  • Monsters

    One-to-watch Gareth Edwards makes his directorial d├ębut with Monsters, a micro-budget alien invasion movie that has been garnering (largely) positive reviews and misleading comparisons to last year’s District 9. While Monsters might not live up to the hype, that’s hardly its fault – this is a sweet but uncompromising look at humanity that doesn’t necessarily pander to the popcorn crowd.