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  • Top 10: Touching Zombie Moments

    The trailer for World War Z, due to be released in June, reveals an Aliens/Hardboiled twist on the classic zombie genre. Brad Pitt’s not just a lone hero fighting off swarms of the undead, he’s a family man, he’s got kids to feed and prevent being fed on. There’s sirens and explosions and screaming and running and zombies and all the while Brad’s doing his marital duties and taking care of the wife and kids. Touching, yes? We think so. So we thought we’d compile a list of the top ten touching zombie moments.

  • Warm Bodies

    Up until now, decaying corpses haven’t had the same glamour as Dracula and his ilk (frankly, whoever’s been in charge of zombie PR has been doing a rotten job), but this could be set to change as Warm Bodies sets out to do for zombies what the T-word did for vampires – make loads of cash from teenage girls.