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  • Epic

    Wait, what’s that, the kids are off AGAIN? If you’re in the market for two hours of relative peace and quiet, and you’ve either never seen FernGully before or love it so much you’d happily sit through it again, then boy – then boy does Blue Sky Studios have the film for you!

  • A tribute to Minority Report

    Do you know what the world doesn’t have enough of? Passionate love letters to eleven-year-old sci-fi films, that’s what! Long-term BFFer Harry Harris sent us this blog at half one in the morning, which probably means he wrote it drunk – still, when you’re talking about the finest film to ever star Tom Cruise and some futuristic mittens there’s no other way to work. We present his very personal tribute to Minority Report.

  • Cheat Sheet: Saoirse Ronan

    A bit of the old Irish luck is hitting cinemas this week with Saoirse Ronan headlining the highly anticipated tweeny flick The Host. Here at BFF, we’ve decided to clamber on to the clamoring band-wagon that is the Twihards and dedicate our Cheat Sheet to this enigmatic beauty. What secrets will we reveal below? Who is Saoirse Ronan really?

  • Orange(Wednesday)s and Lemons #95

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With Hanukkah just around the corner and Kwanzaa on the horizon, now’s the time to cram in as much time at the local ‘plex as possible with this week’s OWLs. There’s a menorah’s worth of good films out at the moment; we’re utterly spoiled for choice! Naturally, the Crimbo death march continues, with Rise of the Guardians here to distract the mewling tots. They’d probably prefer Christopher Walken.

  • Seven Psychopaths

    Bursting with humour, poignancy and a good healthy splash of blood, Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to In Bruges is a crazed masterpiece featuring standout performances from its leads. In many ways a barmier, bloodier companion piece to Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation, Seven Psychopaths is on one hand an intricately worked out, highly self-referential film that’s all about the creative process. On the other hand, it’s an excuse for a ragtag band of brilliant characters to stand around saying funny things to one another. And really, what more could you want?