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  • Top 5 (evil) dentists in film

    Movie dentists have a bad rep. Try and name a decent movie dentist (apart from that one in Finding Nemo, and frankly there’s not enough character exposition there anyway). It’s basically impossible. According to our resident dental correspondent on the matter (no, really), dentists have been consistently portrayed as “killers… buffoons… sexual harassers” in film, literally ever since the 1930s when that short film came out about an evil dentist extracting teeth willy-nilly. Here are four of the worst movie dentists of all, and one orthodontist prick.

  • Horrible Bosses

    An Apatow-eque romp without the cuddling after, Horrible Bosses chucks in loads of really naughty words and hopes to goodness it ends up controversial. The thing is, everyone’s obviously having such a brilliant time that it all just comes off as one big in-joke. Funny, crude, silly and loud – if you set your brain from kill to stun there’s a fair bit of enjoyment to be had here. I just wish they weren’t so damn pleased with themselves.