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  • Top 10 Horse Cameos in Films

    To date we’ve have over 500,000 complaints from people frustrated by the lack of horses featured on our website. So in tenuous honour of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming horsefest War Horse, BFF and our trusty equine assistant Mr Jingles bring you the Top 10 Horse Moments in Films Not Specifically About Horses. Or, in other words, the Top 10 Horse Cameos.

  • Friday Face/Off: James Cameron

    James Cameron – a friend or foe to the world of filmmaking? Two of our more sage/energetic crew members don their word armour and prepare for battle. Will Avatar go down in the history books? Is 3D worth any extra penny we pay? Was there really room on that door for both of them? Read on to find out…

  • Sanctum

    Centring on an underwater cave exploration gone wrong, Sanctum mixes real-life events of writer Andrew Wight with the words “EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY JAMES CAMERON”. It’s not quite The Descent, it’s not quite The Abyss, it’s not quite worth the money you’d pay for it.