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  • Top 10 reasons to love Joss Whedon

    Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing hit cinemas this weekend and, even though it’s Shakespeare (your time in the spotlight is over, Bard!), we’re definitely on a mission to see it. Why? Because it’s JOSS WHEDON behind it. Joss Whedon? You know, the outrageously awesome cult director and writer? Here’s 10 reasons why we’re desperate to escape into the Whedonverse…

  • Top 10 things to avoid this summer – as seen in film

    Summer is coming, guys! It really, genuinely is – we’ve seen sunshine and weather reports and everything. But, you know, there’s no point losing your head to the season; in fact, looking at the plethora of summer movies on offer, summer is in fact the DEADLIEST time of year. Ever. So, in a bid to keep all of our loyal BFF patrons alive, here’s the top 10 things to avoid this summer – as seen in the movies…

  • Top 10 potential popes

    Look, we weren’t going to do this – offending the world’s 1.2bn Catholics would put quite a dent in our web traffic, and we suspect the Vatican is a dab hand at DDoS attacks when it feels the need. But after A WHOLE DAY of 115 cardinals failing to decide which of the essentially interchangeable old white men among them should be the next King of the Interchangeable Old White Men, BFF has no choice but to step in. Brace yourself, Jehovah.

  • Episode 50

    Hmm, it seems that I’m pretty psychic myself. The moment I read the premise for Episode 50, I instinctively knew that there was a big case of ‘ghost hunters getting more than they bargained for’ heading my way. And, sadly, I was not mistaken.

  • Six Actresses Who Could Play Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    The Buffy reboot is happening, and while we think this bites the time has come (I think there was a memo) to give up on objectivity. As such, may I present Best or Film’s completely subjective guide to who might make a half-decent vampire slayer. Should you be a true Whedonite the following list will seem insane, controversial and completely without fruit. The harsh reality is, however, Natalie Portman is probably busy and Megan Fox is a much likelier choice even if she wasn’t, anyway. It’s like a whole big sucking thing, and this is the best we could do.